About Spectrum Birches

Spectrum Printers Ltd - Walsall

For over 30 years Spectrum Birches has prided itself on the longstanding working partnerships it has developed with its varied client base.

We have invested in the right people and maintained our commitment to invest in the latest industry technologies and because of this both we and our customers have been able to excel in the world of Visual Communications.

We understand quality and we understand deadlines so we never compromise one to achieve the other

Giving You the Choice of Greener Print

We at Spectrum Birches are not scientists, we are printers; we hear and read the same as you. It is now a fact that the need to "Go Green", recycle and being aware of our own carbon emissions has become a way of life. Financial incentives are there for those who embrace these ideals, and penalties for those who choose to ignore them.

So what are Spectrum Birches doing?

Well, the answer is 'quite a lot'. We, as part of the communications industry, are very aware of our responsibilities to change, and as a result Spectrum Birches has recently invested over £175,000 on new pre-press equipment, to do not just our bit but to exceed, and place ourselves at the forefront of our industry's response.

All of our paper and board are supplied by paper merchants who subscribe to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

So what are the benefits of our actions?

Chemical-free and process-free plates, which means "no chemical waste or pollution".

Printing plates after use are 100% recyclable.

Paper - recycled papers can be used from as little as 30% recycled content through to 100% recycled content. These will all conform to NAPM industry standards and forest stewardship regulations governing all raw products used in paper production.

Spectrum Birches also adhere to a post production waste policy where all paper trimmings and over-runs are collected weekly and fed back into the paper production cycle resulting in eco savings at source.

The inks we use are vegetable based, not mineral or fossil based, with subsequent eco savings.

Will this cost more?

In our opinion the only area where there is added cost is paper, but the price for very high recycled content is coming more into line with traditional papers as demand grows.

The answer to the question is No - by buying environmentally friendly print from Spectrum Birches there will be little or no increase on standard commercial rates.

"Together we can make a difference"

Thank you for your time in reading this. We hope that if you and your organisation are also looking to make a difference, do not hesitate to contact Spectrum Birches and join us in our pledge to recycle.